Normal is a Dirty Word

Normal is an interesting word. I still remember growing up, wishing I was closer to being normal, whatever that meant at the time. Now that I am an adult, the definition is about the same but my context around it is much different. In general, "normal" is referring to "what most people do" in whatever the situation may be.

Normal people lie when it will be easier for them to avoid the truth. Normal people say they are going to go on a diet soon and continue saying this for several years with no diet ever happening. Normal people have jobs they don’t really like, just to make sure they can pay for things they buy with credit cards that they are perennially paying for. If all of these sound like things that you want to be, then by all means keep striving to be normal. If not, then remember this the next time you want to do something because it is not what everyone else would approve of.
Normal is a dirty word. Just because something is not done or approved of by people around you, does not mean you should not do it.

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