Identify Your Intentions

One reason working with a coach is so effective is because it helps you identify your intentions. It is not often that someone asks you "what do you want?" and I contend that many of us do not spend much time thinking about it. Without this thought of what we truly want, life can really put us at effect, struggling to catch up on things which we have to do. With this thought, we truly and honestly take steps toward what we do want. It may sound like a subtle difference, but it truly does make things change in a big way.

Think about someone who is sailing. They set course for a destination, and start heading that way. Sometimes the boat will drift and be a few degrees off, but 95% of the time, they are moving closer to the destination, albeit not quite directly. Without a destination in mind, things are completely different.

Identify your intentions. Truly and honestly decide what it is you want. Any steps in that direction therefore will take you closer, even if not directly. It is why coaching works so well, and why time spent identifying what you want is always worthwhile.

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