Be With Those Who Need It

Today’s influence comes courtesy of some great elephants. Here is a video of several elephants helping one of their friends, who collapsed rather suddenly and unexpectedly. The rest of the herd sees him fall, walk right over to him, and give him encouragement until he gets up on his own and walks away.

A lot of humans would be different here. Perhaps they would question their fallen friend with many questions of "what did you do?" or "why did you fall?" or perhaps they would just leave him behind while they keep moving. Elephants clearly realize that encouraging loved ones gets them to be their best. Just by being there, just by showing unconditional love, their fallen friend gets up and rejoins them.

Think about the last time you "fell behind" in any way. Do you most appreciate the people who questioned you about what happened, or do you remember more the ones who showed you love? Which one would you rather have when you are feeling down, or hurt, or sick? Remember this when you respond to your loved ones as they fall. Just by being there, you can change someone’s life.

Be with those who need it. Not by questioning or by harping on what happened, but truly by your being. It will bring out the best in anyone, even elephants.

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