Expand Yourself By Loving Others

Spending time with a dog can teach you a lot. There are many things he can’t do for himself, he needs to be fed and bathed and walked and taken out. No matter how smart he is, he will never be able to take care of me in return. But, it warms my heart when I see him excited. I find myself wanting to make sure he his happy, going out of my way to do so.

What if we were like this with other people as well? It is so easy to be nice to someone who can give you something great in return. What if you also showed unconditional love to those who can’t return the favor, at least not in any obvious way? What if you helped someone who needs it, or went out of your way to make somebody happy today, or just showed somebody that you believe in them? Maybe you’ll never get anything tangible back in return, but what if that wasn’t a bad thing? You may find that just by showing love unconditionally, with no expectations in return, that your own capability to love will be expanded as well.

Expand yourself by loving others. Regardless of how they show it back, or even if they show it back, truly being there to love someone else makes a great difference for you.

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