Big Decisions Need To Serve You

Big decisions never have a neon sign saying "choose this way, not that way!" As an example look at successful businesses. Very seldom are the cases where from the first idea until the business is worth millions did everything go right. Businesses have to reinvent themselves, change their exact mission, go through some personnel changes, and eventually true success may or may not happen, but such success is never direct. The same is true for anything else in life, whether it is a big move, or a relationship, or anything. There will never be a list of reasons why to do one thing and not the other.

When facing a big decision, decide what truly serves your path. It is so easy to get caught up in other factors, and other people’s opinions, when you are not keeping your goal in mind. This ultimately does not serve you. Decide what is truly meant to be for you and go from there, anything else is not in service of yourself.

Big decisions need to serve you. Decide what is truly aligned with your path when trying to decide on something big.

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