Be Honest About Your Being

Now that I am training much harder for the Spartan Beast, I am learning how to push the limits of what I can do physically. When it comes to physical things like this, it is pretty much impossible to lie. I can tell the teacher that I have been lifting, or running, or eating better, but if I’m making that up, it will show very quickly as I try to do obstacles. If I raided the cookie jar for a snack in the afternoon, my results will not be nearly as good in the evening. My diet for the week will show up on the scale, no matter what I tell the scale as I step on it. Your body always tells the truth about what you have been doing, and I think most people accept this as a fact.

Today I want to encourage you to think the same way about the rest of your life. The people and things you attract are a result of the energy you put out. If you are being authentic, then you get authentic people back. If you are constantly finding romantic partners you don’t want, or jobs you don’t like, or being misunderstood by people you meet, then you are encouraged to examine how you are really being. Perhaps you aren’t being honest to yourself or to others about who you are being, but the results you are getting back are always a function of what you are putting out there.

Be honest about your being. Your results are a function of this whether you are aware of it or not. Be aware, be honest, and do the work to change it if you want to change your results.

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