One person’s success never seems to come with absolutely everyone happy. Look through history at greatest success stories, and there is always someone who didn’t feel good about it. Every success story in sports comes with a story of someone else who didn’t win. Every great invention creates a new kind of competition for products which exist already. You have probably met someone who dislikes someone else’s success for no good reason at all!

It is important to remember this the next time someone is telling you that they don’t approve of something you are doing. When you are acting authentically, and you are truly doing what you believe you are meant to be doing, then not only does success eventually find you, but so do people who aren’t happy about this success. This is a fact of life, and it cannot be avoided. Take existence of such a person as a sign that you are doing something right, and keep going on your path.

Success. A wonderful thing but never completely without detractors. Embrace this and keep moving forward.


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