You Will Always Find Something

This has not been a good week so far for some public figures. Regardless of what has happened or will happen in either case, or any case with anyone in the future, it is important to keep something in mind. Every single company, and every single person, if you dig deeply enough, will have something in their past or present which isn’t in alignment with you. Some things you find will be much worse than others, but there will always be something. The key is not in every trait regarding who delivered the message, but in your relationship with the message.

Jared of Subway advertising made a big difference for a lot of people. An advertising campaign featuring him made millions of people think about what they ate when getting food away from home. This is a great thing to have in our awareness even if the person who delivered the message turns out to be guilty of something awful. Our relationship with this message still stands, just perhaps not with the messenger. Remember, if we really knew Jared the person, instead of the face that advertising executives put forward, we were guaranteed to find something which we didn’t like, even if everything which came forward this week turns out to be untrue. That doesn’t mean we need to stop thinking about how bad certain restaurant food is for us.

You will always find something. In your world, let your relationship with people and things around you be about you, what you learn from it, and what it means to you. Don’t let it change just because you find something out about someone else. You are guaranteed to find something anyway.

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