Let People Be On Their Path

I had an interesting thing happen this week thanks to the internet. My LinkedIn showed one year at my company, and several people "liked" the post. Even more interesting was that many of the people who liked it and wrote congratulations were from my old company in Maryland. I left there sadly because I truly loved it, but my destiny was to come to Southern California.

All of this comes with the disclaimer that very few conclusions should be drawn by what is "liked" on the internet, but still it leads to something very interesting. I was loved in my company in Maryland, but when I said I was leaving, they let me go. They didn’t say I was wrong, they didn’t say they wanted me to stay. They just said good luck and I am welcome back if I ever change my mind. And sure enough, even when I hit one year at a new place, they are the first to say nice things about that.

Truly loving somebody involves giving them the freedom to leave if they so desire. By telling someone that they need to stay to receive this love, or telling them that they are wrong if they leave, you are adding your own interest into the situation. This removes the purity. Loving someone means standing for them as they do whatever it is they need to do, even if at the time that action is against your interest.

Let people be on their path. It is part of being a truly authentic and loving person in this world.


One thought on “Let People Be On Their Path

  1. David, I really like your post. Thanks for sharing your heart. It is true that when you purely love someone you don’t constrain them or force them to stay with you because that is not love but insecurity on your part. Besides, who wants to force someone to stay when they want to go.

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