Breakthroughs Happen

This week I have been practicing the salmon ladder. It is a parallel bar which much be moved up using a combination of strength and technique, all while you are hanging in mid-air. At first I found it very daunting. I couldn’t really move the bar, and was afraid of it falling off. Eventually I realized that all came from fear. If I don’t make it, I could pull my shoulder in a bad direction. If I don’t make it, I could land on the ground below me. Anyone who has had thoughts like this already knows that the chance of success from this type of place is not great.

The only way to do the salmon ladder is to stop thinking about failing, and just do it. As long as a lot of my resources are concentrating on what happens if I don’t make it, the chance of me making it is diminished greatly. Constantly thinking about failure becomes a self-fulling prophecy. Nothing other than truly letting go of all that fear will let me get there.

Today you are encouraged to think about where this applies in your life. What are your big goals? What are you holding onto which is really in the way of success? Identify where you are protecting in case of failure and ask yourself if that is truly serving you. Then decide where you can break the walls down and really move forward.

Breakthroughs happen, but not when you are spending most of your thoughts on what happens if/when they do not.

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