Outboxing is Effective

Most airplanes do not have internet. You can bring your laptop and write emails, but you are offline. Emails get put into an "outbox" and won’t be sent until sometime after you are on the ground and are connected again. If you have ever experienced this and checked your email again before sending, you probably found yourself changing at least something. After stepping away and coming back, there is always something we find which we can improve, always something we might want to change.

Today I invite you to take this "outboxing" concept to your life. Anything you are going to say which is meaningful or possibly will lead to upset feelings, think about putting it in an outbox and editing how you are going to say it later. This is especially effective if, but not only if, you are conveying that you are less than pleased about something. When we are upset about something, we want to convey this immediately, we want to let others know we are upset, especially if we believe they are responsible in any way. There has definitely been a time in your past when you thought "if only I had taken time to think this out, I would have said/done better." Part of being an adult is realizing that there is more time available. Things almost never need to be handled now, they can sit in your outbox if needed.

Outboxing is effective. I strongly recommend you try it.

One thought on “Outboxing is Effective

  1. Kinda the old saying “think before you speak”!? Good advice my friend!!!!

    Thank you! Jamie Shankweiler


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