Fish In Water

There is an old cliche which says that a fish doesn’t know he is in water. He is born there, and he spends every moment of his life there. Unless a fish is ever taken out of water, he does not know anything different. Perhaps if fish are able to communicate with each other, one who has been outside of water can tell others about it, but that feels like something which needs to be experienced.

We all have things like this ourselves. Our upbringing and our lives give us a unique perspective on the world. There are things and beliefs which we may have never seen. Two people not only may have completely different viewpoints about something, but they may not even realize that it is something that can be a viewpoint.

For example I heard an interesting story this week on the radio, a persons family member was arrested for a bad crime, and told the family member that they are guilty. They were doing everything they could to help because to them family is everything. The radio host instead said something to the effect of "this person is a criminal who knowingly did something awful, by helping them you are endorsing this behavior." The caller had no idea that saying "no" to help was even an option, their context did not even acknowledge it as a possibility. Many minutes of conversation happened and they still did not even comprehend the possibility of saying "no" to the family member, while the radio host could not believe they would even consider helping.

Whatever the situation, truly try to understand the other person. Instead of getting upset at someone instantly, think about speaking to them about it first to find out what is behind their viewpoint. They may be a fish in water about something and not even realize another way exists.

2 thoughts on “Fish In Water

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