Successful people truly enjoy it when others succeed, too. Regardless of who may be viewed as "competition" or "opposition," if your personal goals are truly met, then seeing others do the same will make you feel good, not envious. The opposite of this is people who are often referred to today as haters. These are the people who are on the internet commenting negatively about others, sometimes anonymous and sometimes not. These are the people who put others down in person, saying they are not good enough.

There are a couple of takeaways from this. First, if you find yourself with your own hater, take it as a sign that you are succeeding. Whoever is putting you down is not doing it because of anything personal to you. Someone putting you down in any way has something which they feel is not working for them. We know this for sure because if this person didn’t feel this way, then this person would be truly enjoying your success.

Second, remember that the first step toward being anything is to act like it. If you truly want to be a successful person, if you truly want to be someone with all of your personal goals met, then a big step toward this is to act like someone whose goals are met. This means that you are never a hater yourself, you never put others down. Doing so only limits your own success.

Third, on this note, remember that anything which triggers you about others is a reflection of something within yourself. If you find yourself truly feeling like something or someone is bothering you, do the work to find out what it is. This work may not be fun, but it is necessary to truly break walls down later.

Haters? Remember what it really means.

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