Virtual Is Not Real

This week while starting up my phone in the morning, I accidentally hit the "connect to all" button on LinkedIn suggestions. With one button, I sent out about about a thousand connection requests. Within two days, I had 300 new connections, some were people I knew or used to know, and some were people I never will know. My profile views went from 1-2 per day to about 500, and my phone sounded like popcorn while all the notifications came.

It is always important to remember that this is virtual. Other than all the notifications, this dramatic increase in "connections" and "views" had no effect on my week. With social media sites, many of us have a desire to judge our success by how many "likes" or how many views something gets. We have become a culture of over-sharing, and on top of that we now are very interested in how much response we get when we share. Our culture idolizes people who get a lot of views, regardless of the substance to what is being shared.

Make a very conscious effort to connect with people in person. If that is not possible, then connect on the phone. Attempting by "likes" or by viewing pictures is not an adequate way to connect. Human beings want more than this, we need more than this.

Virtual is not real. It’s just virtual.

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