Learn to Recognize Overwhelm

There comes a time in everybody’s life when they will be overwhelmed. Perhaps it is from work, or a relationship beginning or ending, or a move, or an injury, or some combination therein. Regardless of what exactly does it, there will be a time when so much is happening that we are having trouble keeping up with it all. Everybody reacts differently from this point. Some people want to quit and get very careless. Some people become very task-oriented and get everything done, but lose the excitement. Some people start to blame others for what they are going through.

Regardless of the actual actions taken, the important thing to remember is that we can often react in a way which is not characteristic of us, or at least of how we want to be. When overwhelmed, we often enter survival mode. Our essence becomes an afterthought, which is not what we want to be.

Learn to recognize when you are in overwhelm. Learn to recognize when you are reacting to circumstances instead of creating what you truly want. Sometimes you really might have so much to do that you need to stay busy for days to dig out of your to-do list, and sometimes you may even need to reach out for help. Recognizing what is happening will make it possible to choose to stay in your essence regardless, and this is the most important thing.

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