Act In Integrity

Today’s post comes by way one of my own experiences. I have a former associate who, due to a misunderstanding of sorts, thinks that I owe him money. When he contacted me, I explained my position, and he still did not accept it. I’m totally sure that I am "right," i.e. if this went to court I would win, but there is a very nice observation to come from here.

Several years ago, I was a people-pleaser. I worked very hard for the acceptance of others, and would do anything I could to try to get people to like me. In a situation like this, I either would have explained my position over and over, hoping the associate would understand it eventually, or I would have paid money to make sure that he is happy with the situation. Either way, the results would likely not be positive for me.

Now, things are very different. I know that I am impeccable with my word and I know that I am acting in integrity. This is true regardless of whether someone else believes it or not. When called, I explained my position and moved forward. Hopefully this associate will eventually realize this and be a friend again, but my happiness is not based on whether or not this happens. I do not need to be accepted by everybody to continue believing that I act in integrity.

Act in integrity. When you do, there is no fear to be strong with others. Your results will drastically improve.

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