Cherish The Journey

I just finished reading a great book. Minimizing any potential spoilers, the premise was a man in a very dangerous situation, doing whatever he could with minimal outside help to get to safety. Imagining myself in this situation, there were hundreds of things I would have wanted to do as soon as I reached the safe place, and I was so excited to get to that part to hear what the character did. However, right when he reached safety, the book ended. At first I was shocked, then disappointed, but eventually I realized that the true enjoyment really was in the journey, not in the destination. I was captivated for 10 total hours of reading time, all from the description of his journey, and that is something for which to be grateful, regardless of the ending.

I contend that this is a feeling shared by many people in one realm or another. How many friendships or relationships do we retrospectively look at as wholly negative experiences just because we didn’t like the ending? How many experiences ended before we wanted them to end, and as a result we related to them as failures?

Today I challenge you to think of anything you may relate to exactly like this. List anything which you relate to as a negative experience and ask yourself if it really was negative, or if it was positive with an ending that was not quite what you desired. Perhaps instead of how you currently relate, you could make another choice. What if instead it was something great which ended when it needed to end? What would become possible now?

Cherish the journey. All it really means when you reach a destination is that there is another journey to be had. Living in the moment means cherishing the journey, and enjoying everything about it.

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