Water Your Grass

There are times when it is best to move on. This can apply to a relationship, a job, a place to live, a diet, a type of workout, or any number of other things. Sometimes staying will give nothing but incremental progress when we want or need a breakthrough. That being said, there are many other times when it is best instead to give some love to the situation in which you are now.

A real study was done which showed that grass actually looks greener next door than it does at your own house, by virtue of your angle of viewing the grass. Of course this same idea applies to anything. A new job may look much better because of one aspect that you dislike in your current job, but it also might come with many other aspects which are less desirable. A new date looks so exciting when our current partner does that one thing which always triggers us, but there were also many reasons why we chose our current partner. Most of us agree we wouldn’t give up and move across the street simply because such a move means not having to water the new grass for a week, but we often consider similar types of decisions in other aspects.

Breakthroughs tend to be no-brainer decisions. The process may be scary at times, and overwhelming at others, but ultimately something feels very right to us deep inside. Lateral moves, made because of things like better looking grass next door, feel much different. Lateral moves never feel easy. When facing a big decision, distinguish if this decision is a breakthrough or a lateral move.

Water your grass. Often all it takes is a little bit of love and being where you are right now to be in the best possible situation.

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