Never Be Afraid To Ask

As we progress in life, heading toward goals and accomplishing great things, there will be many times that we need something from others. Maybe this is in the form of an endorsement, maybe we need use of something which belongs to them, maybe all we need is someone to vent to at the end of every day. The number of ways that someone else can help is infinite.

Believe it or not, the number one way to get something from somebody else is to ask! This sounds so simple, but naturally as humans we often make this very complicated. Often we create our own stories about how it will go when we ask. We already "know" they will decline for any number of reasons. We already know they are too busy, too committed, can’t accept because it would create competition, or any number of other things that we create in our head.

Instead of not asking because of these stories, a different choice would be to just simply ask. We can make the choice to be vulnerable, to tell the person your goals, tell them how what you’re requesting can be a huge boost toward these goals, and tell them how much it would be appreciated. Nothing ever guarantees a positive answer, however not asking guarantees a negative one. There is nothing lost by asking.

Never be afraid to ask. Big goals are always going to need something from others, practice the first step in making this happen.

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