Never Be Afraid To Take Action

My dog has a new habit. There is a trash can in the bathroom from which he grabs used tissues, then takes them to the living room to chew them. This is generally very cute, and cleanup is minimal for me, it makes me laugh when I see it. However, if it continues, then there is likely a time when he will pick up something worse than a tissue, and this will likely create a need for either surgery or a much more substantial cleanup. Despite this, it had been two weeks, and only today have I done something about it.

One lesson which is good to learn is that people often do things until they can’t afford to do them anymore. People eat french fries every day until they have a heart attack, and then are told they can’t eat them anymore at all. People take their relationship for granted until the other person leaves, and then they feel awful that they didn’t appreciate it more. People don’t do their best work until they are let go and need to find a new job.

In the case of the dog and the trash, it took two weeks but I finally recognized that being one of these people is a choice I was making, and I can always make another choice. I decided to take action about it before the dog is in the emergency room for ingesting something worse than a tissue, instead of waiting until it happened and reacting. It still didn’t happen immediately, even for someone who writes to thousands of people about being in integrity.

Never be afraid to take action. Just because there isn’t a huge problem right now, doesn’t mean that doing something is a bad idea.


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