Let Love Make Decisions

It is my belief that every big decision made is either from love or from fear. Love means so many different things to so many people. A few things that we can all hopefully agree on is that love is a very strong feeling, love is not rational, and love does not go away easily, whether you want it to or not. Sometimes fear does provide a good reason for a decision, fear keeps us from jumping off cliffs, and handling hot dishes out of the oven. But many other times, we let fear make decisions when love could have really been present instead.

I still remember when I almost moved out to Southern California, but decided not to at the time. I loved it out here, but there was also a lot of fear. Unknown things would await me, uncertainty around job and places to live are scary, and ultimately I decided to stay for awhile. After a few years of this coaching work, I had enough love in me to really make it happen, and needless to say I’m very happy that I did. I loved Southern California the whole time, but in the previous situation, fear was still dictating me as I left a job that had me unhappy. It took a lot of work on myself to truly choose from love. When I got here, it was totally worth it.

Love, due to its irrationality, can create many new thoughts. You may find yourself with much more success, or even much less success, due to completely new thought patterns. You may find yourself scared, or overwhelmed, or even a little hurt, or just completely happy. Nothing is off the table as far as what love can create. But most importantly, love is something not to take lightly. Love is a serious, complex human emotion whose creation should always be celebrated. And the more present love is, the more you can push away the fear from your decisions.

Let love make decisions. Fear keeps you safe when needed. Love leads you to the life of your dreams. There is nothing in between the two when it comes to big decisions.

And on that note, my love of world traveling is taking me away again, have a great holiday and I will catch everyone in 2016!

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