I’ve never written a post from vacation before, but there is a first time for everything!

Due to a number of circumstances this year, I only took one other international trip before going to Vietnam. That trip was to Kenya, and while seeing the wildlife in its natural habitat fulfilled another lifelong dream of mine, I was not immersed in their culture while staying on game reserves. It had been a full year since I was truly immersed somewhere else. After literally two days in Vietnam, I remembered what this immersion feels like, and almost immediately I was thrown back into living in essence.

Before my trip, I was feeling stuck. I had several life changes in a row which were not necessarily bad, but were not my favored decisions at the time. For awhile it did not feel like I was at cause, and instead I was at effect. I was spending a lot of time in my own head, wondering how I would become the driver of my life again. One day in Vietnam, and I was back to my essence.

If you ever feel stuck in any aspect of your life, it is vital to find a way to expand. I am a huge fan of traveling, but there are many other ways as well. You can try new activities, you can change where you live, you can volunteer, you can change your daily routine, you can learn to play guitar, you can learn a new language. The possibilities are endless, but the biggest takeaway is that repeating current behavior is how to guarantee you will stay feeling stuck. Truly expanding yourself guarantees something new will come. Even if this something new is "only" changing your thoughts, our thoughts define our world. Something will always change in your world when you make an honest change in your way of being.

Expand. Find a way to expand, and make it a top priority. Repeat as often as possible.

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