Commitments Versus Interests

There are many things in which I am interested. There are many fewer things in which I am committed. There is a big difference between the two which is very important to distinguish. Commitment carries a much bigger responsibility. Commitment is something which needs to get done, and will not accept excuses.

Last week, I made a list of 2016 goals. These are not things in which I am interested, these are things to which I am committed. I will see at least 4 countries. I will meet certain physical goals which I specified. I have another secret project in the works which will be done in 2016 (and then it will not be secret!). These are things which are going to happen without excuses from me, in other words they are commitments.

This distinction comes up often when I meet with potential clients. They will send a list of goals, we talk about ways we will approach them, and then when the subject of money comes up, there is always a push back. My question at this time is always whether these are interests or commitments. One does not hire a coach to help with their interests, but one does hire a coach to deal with commitments. If something is so important to you that you are willing to make sure it happens no matter what, then this is truly a commitment. Hiring a coach is not the only way to make sure something happens, but I will always make sure that there is an understanding that it is a commitment and not an interest.

Commitments versus interests is a very important question. Make sure you know which you are pursuing.

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