Act Upon Your Feelings

Feelings are a wonderful thing. We can all agree that without feelings, life would be nowhere near as exciting, and nowhere near as fulfilling. Feelings let us know when we are in the right place, when we are with the right people, when we are in the wrong place, and when we are with the wrong people. Furthermore, sometimes feelings can put us in a place where we would rather take an action different than what others want us to do. Maybe we are invited to something, and due to certain feelings we do not want to go. Maybe we are deciding between jobs, and one just felt much better than another. Maybe we have a goal which is important to us, and we want to take actions towards that goal. Whatever the case may be, you are always free to choose actions based upon your feelings.

Many of us feel a need to be people-pleasers when it comes to our feelings. We believe that cannot say "no" to something without an excuse, without a completely valid reason in opposition why we cannot do this thing. A big step in living the life of your dreams is the realization that your feelings are a valid reason to act upon anything. You are allowed to skip any social event, move to a new place, leave a job, leave or enter a relationship, all based upon your feelings at that time. Making such decisions based upon your feelings also has the added benefit that no one can dispute this. When you say something like "I am taking this action because my feelings are in opposition," no one can possibly tell you that is not correct.

Act upon your feelings, and learn to not be afraid to do so. Your life will improve dramatically.


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