Take a Step With Faith

This has been an exciting month for me so far. Besides the tremendous trip, the races coming up, and my great life here in Southern California, I have two new clients. It is always exciting to speak with new clients because we get to talk about their goals. Discussing goals is a great way to get to know a person very quickly, you not only find out what makes them passionate, but you find out what they feel is in their way to getting there. Today also happens to be Martin Luther King Jr. Day. There are hundreds of quotes from MLK that are worth featuring in this blog, but today I picked one about goals.

Goals which are truly worth having do not come with step-by-step instructions, and in fact you cannot often see the path at all. This can be rather daunting at times, but remember that if there was a clear path to get somewhere good and you exactly knew what it was, you would already be there. It takes faith to truly and honestly take the first step without knowing the path, but taking this step with faith is always worth it. Maybe you’ll eventually get to your goal, maybe you will fail, but either way you have at least ensured that you started toward something very important to you.

Take a step with faith. The only thing you really know for sure is that not taking a step means no success. Anything else is possible, it just takes a belief in yourself.

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