Remember The Process

When speaking with anyone who has started their own successful business, they likely have many stories of failure. There has maybe been a case or two in history of someone where everything worked perfectly from the start, but these cases are rare to say the least. There are quotes all over the internet such as "success is jumping from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm." These quotes exist because it really is true! So many businesses have rebranded or reformed to get to where they are. So many businesses cater to 1% of the population or less, and are fabulously successful as a result.

The same is true in many different walks of life. Romantic relationships provide another great example. To someone looking for a serious relationship, it only takes one person to change everything. Along the way to this one person, there are likely to be many other people who ultimately are not what would be looked upon as a success. So many of us want to take these past relationships and make it into a pattern. The truth is, they are all data points. They are experiences which served us at the time but ultimately did not work. Assigning a pattern to them is a waste of energy at best, and can emotionally drain us in the process.

With real goals, there is always a process. There will be failures, there will be times when it seems success is out of reach. However, no matter what actually happened, you are the one making the story about what happened. Choosing to put any part of your value into the hands of someone else is a choice that you make. Just because one person does not like your product does not mean you need to close your business, or need to change your business in any way. Just because one person did not enjoy a date with you does not mean you need to change your life. Just because your latest diet didn’t work does not mean you need to accept being overweight for the rest of your life.

Remember the process. What you are often looking at is a series of data points. Choosing to assign a pattern to this is a decision that you decide to make, and a decision that keeps you from being in the moment. You can decide something different.

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