Find Your Rebalance Activity

Hopefully you have some sort of "go to activity" which you can do when you are not feeling like you are in your essence. Mine currently is working out on the bars at the beach or rock climbing, but these activities can be anything from playing music, to painting a picture, to writing in a journal. There is nothing wrong with needing such an activity, life will always throw you curve balls, especially if you have truly big goals.

This weekend I had a great experience of doing two straight Spartan Races. The more people with whom I spoke, the more I realized that many consider this training to be their go to activity. Many started obese, or out of shape, or unhealthy, or even with a serious illness, and found fitness to be a perfect activity to rebalance. For them, the Spartan races on their calendar motivated them to keep going.

It really does not matter what you do to get back into your essence, only that you are there. And when you are there, the world around you changes, because you see things as you are, not as they are. When you are being you, things are different than when you are not. It is vital to find a way to get back into your essence, because your world is a function of who you are being.

Find your rebalance activity. Let it be there for you whenever you need it to be.

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