Follow Up On Your Message

In any interaction between two people, there are two messages exchanged. There is the message we intended to convey, and the message that the other person received. Often these things are close, but often they are not. Often the other person received something completely different than we intended. Many things can factor into this, the other person might be having a bad day, or having a good day, or might have 100 things on their to-do list which are on their mind. The same goes for us, our energy may be different on any given day depending on any number of circumstances. Maybe there was certain language we used which the other person uses differently, maybe they just didn’t even hear you correctly. The number of possibilities here is truly infinite. This is even further complicated by living in today’s information age. With so many ways to communicate, many of them available instantly, we often unintentionally send a message just by not answering for a short amount of time.

If the message received by the other person is of importance to you, then never be afraid to ask. Asking "I would like to know how this felt for you" is so powerful, yet many of us do it so seldomly. This lets the other person know that you care, it proactively avoids misunderstandings, and it allows you to be vulnerable with the other person. I have had multiple clients change their relationship patterns seemingly overnight just by acting upon this idea.

Follow up on your message. Knowing how you were recieved is one of the most powerful things you can do to truly connect with others.

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