What Holds You Back Here…

Last night I took a class in tumbling. It turns out that I can do a standing back flip, i.e. I am able to jump from a standing position, flip my entire body backwards, and land without breaking my neck. However, I am very far from doing this without a spotter and mats, and the reason is my own fear.

Sometimes fear is completely warranted. Without adequate training, there was a legitimate chance I would land on my neck, and my life would instantly change for the worse. Something needs to stop me from doing flips whenever the mood may strike me. However, sometimes the fear is completely in my head. Last night, the landings were into a foam pit, with no chance of injury. With the spotter and the foam pit, it turned out I had no trouble at all doing a flip. But, it took me several minutes of overcoming fear to even attempt it.

Fear without danger is a context. The magical thing about context is that when it appears in one place, it always appears somewhere else, likely in several places. This means that fear when there is no danger is also the exact thing holding me back in other parts of my life, not just in doing flips. I spent a lot of time reflecting last night on this, and have ideas for moving forward, and breaking other barriers. This work is not always enjoyable, but much like landing a flip, the results can be pretty amazing.

What holds you back here… holds you back everywhere. Learn to identify your contexts, and break through them on every front possible. The results are always worth it.

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