Find Your Limited Contexts

Yesterday I tried eating an avocado seed. It was after I read this article that I decided to give it a try. I probably consume at least 500 avocados per year, but not once have I thought about consuming the seed until reading this article. Every single time before yesterday, I discarded the seed without a moment’s thought.

There are likely places in the world where people eat the seed by default. In places like this, discarding the seed would be considered a waste, and no one would ever give that a moment’s thought. Just by having a different context, not only would these people do something completely different, but they don’t even consider the alternative as an option.

Situations where there is more than one option that is never even considered applies in a surprising number of places. Even just working as a coach, I have seen it in how people choosing how to deal with family, responding to an unhappy work situation, deciding who pays for certain things, and deciding what to eat. One person might choose to do anything to make their work situation better with no thought of quitting, while another would quit as soon as they are unhappy. One person may go to Yelp to find a restaurant as soon as they are hungry, while another looks for the nearest supermarket.

Sometimes we have a very limited context without even realizing it. This is why it is wonderful to travel often, and why communication is so important. Seeing other situations and learning the context of others will help recognize when such limiting situations exist within us. This not only gives you many more options for your own life, but it greatly helps you in interactions with others.

Find your limited contexts. Your life will change in ways that you never imagined possible.

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