Be In The Moment

Of the several tremendous experiences I had in Nepal, one of the best was rafting down the Trishuli River. Paddling an inflatable boat through tough rapids does not always sound like fun, but once you are on the river, everything changes. Making this an even more unique experience was the fact that several different languages were spoken on the boat. Communication was not verbal, it couldn’t be because no one would know what anyone else was saying.

In today’s world we spend so much time not in the moment. We spend so much time on our phone, worried about what is next, what we have, what we do not have, and what we need. When doing something like rafting, there is really no option other than to be in the moment, paddling in unison, holding on through big bumps, and getting soaked as blasts of water hit the passengers. We may not have been able to have conversations with each other, but we laughed together, worked together, and truly bonded. The boat ride was truly something I would describe as ecstasy.

Dangerous adventures might not be for everyone, but living in the moment is. Find activities which have you in the moment. If you cannot do a certain activity without thinking about what is next, what is missing, or what is wrong, then that activity likely is not for you.

Be in the moment. Find a way to get there as often as possible. It is the only place where true joy and ecstasy happen.

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