Failures Happen On The Way To Goals

This weekend, while walking through the park, I saw an interesting thing. One adult was teaching another how to ride a bicycle. One was holding the seat and pushing, and shortly after letting go, the rider fell. Generally everyone learns to ride a bike like this, learning requires a combination of time and failures, until success is finally reached. Although most of us learn this as children, we all had a similar process, a string of many failures until success was ours.

As adults, many of us have similar procedures in many realms. Maybe we are starting a business, maybe we are trying to lose weight, maybe we are trying to find a spouse. Whatever the goal, we likely have many failures on the way, but if the goal means enough to us then we keep trying. Much like we never said "riding a bike isn’t for me, I give up," we also have goals as adults which are very meaningful. Failures can be frustrating, and for a time it may feel like success is not possible. But, if failures make you want to give up, then my first question is whether or not it means enough to you. If a goal means enough, we make it happen no matter how much failure. It usually isn’t easy, it usually doesn’t happen overnight, but we do what we need to in order for it to happen.

Failures happen on the way to goals. The question is what happens next, does the goal mean enough to you to keep going?

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