Never Be Afraid To Be Different

I know it has been a long time, my 2016 goals involved another writing project, and that has kept me busy. I have also recently returned from Dubai where I took an amazing trip.

Dubai is a very interesting place. From the outside, it looks excessive. They have the world’s tallest building, they have the world’s nicest hotel, they have the world’s largest manmade island, etc.. They have basically made their mission to be the world’s best infrastructure. They had world’s largest gold ring, and I literally had lunch in a palace with all the walls lined with gold. From the outside as someone who has never been there, I saw it as excessive and highly unnecessary. But, once being there and seeing their perspective, I see things completely differently.

Like many places in the Middle East, they discovered oil in the late 1900’s. They found themselves with more money than they ever dreamed possible, and the resources to do pretty much anything. They looked around to the other countries near them, who also had abundant resources due to oil, and decided to be different. They decided that by building super-infrastructure, they would create abundance for future generations. They would not be known as a place that discovered a lot of money due to oil, they instead decided to be known as the place where anything that can be imagined can be built. In their vision, they would be first for tourism, and for businesses, and for construction of anything. So far, this goal seems to be succeeding. But, whether it ultimately succeeds or not, their vision must be admired.

Never be afraid to be different. For a great example, we need to look no further than Dubai. There is nothing wrong with deciding to do something completely radical just because you think it will work out better. Every single invention in this world was the result of somebody not wanting to just follow status quo. You always have the power to not follow the herd, treat this as a gift. Some people will understand you and your vision and some will not, but you are not on this planet to make sure others understand you. You are here to live an amazing life, if you so choose.

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