Always Have Your Own Opinions

One of the other reasons I have had a hiatus from writing is because I have had a lot of sadness about the ongoing presidential election, and did not want to say anything negative on this blog. But, I remembered that our biggest successes come after we truly recognize what is actually happening, not what we wish was happening.

Our government is supposed to be representative of our opinions, making decisions in our best interest. Instead, government now plays a blame game, pointing to others as the "problem" and themselves as the "solution" while ultimately creating a downward spiral of unproductivity. The current nominee is successful because he is drawing on the disenchantment of many, convincing them that we are in some sort of crisis that needs to be solved. But instead of offering any sort of solution to a problem which doesn’t really exist, he is merely attacking what exists now. And there enough ignorant people in this country that this is enough to get a substantial number of votes. Hopefully, this man will lose and we never hear from him again. More importantly, there is a bigger problem, which is that there are enough people in this country who are ignorant enough to support him for the most powerful position in the world.

Always have your own opinions. There is no worry if these opinions are "right" or "wrong" because the only thing that matters is they are yours. Unfortunately, this country is filled with people who are looking for someone else to have opinions for them, and as a result we are in the middle of what is literally the saddest election in the history of the world.

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