Avoid The Blame Game

I haven’t written in awhile because I just found it very difficult to look at the current political situation and not be negative. But, I’ll give it a try anyway. What happened with the healthcare situation on Friday will be analyzed by many people in many different ways over a long period time, and there is no need to do that here. One interesting thing that followed afterward is that our president first blamed the other party, then two days later started blaming his own party.

One rule which I have all my clients follow, and I follow myself, is I do not believe in blame in any way. If you want to live a truly happy existence, one big requirement is to acknowledge that everything in your life, from the people around you, to your career, to where you live, to your physical condition, is all an effect of choices that you have made. There is absolutely nothing to gain from blaming others. Blaming others falls into the same category as complaining, it does nothing but pull you down a rabbit hole which leads to more blaming and more complaining.

Successful people, and I contend also happy people, are those who see a situation and instead think about what is missing. They do not spend time thinking about what is wrong, only what they can do to help what is missing. There is always more that you can do. There is always a different way to see things. This is one reason working with a coach can be very effective, because very often we do not realize that we are making the same choices repeatedly when it is something we do by default.

Avoid the blame game. We choose all of our circumstances, acknowledge this and decide what is missing from that place of responsibility.

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