Rock Stars Are Everywhere

An interesting title for today!  Kale is the newest rock star among superfoods, a dark green lettuce which is off-the-charts in its nutrients while being very low in calories.  Kale chips are fun and easy to make, kale smoothies taste great, or kale can be in a “normal” salad.  If you’re a better chef than me, you probably can cook hundreds of other things with it, too.  Big bags can be bought at the supermarket or the farmers market for very little money, and it lasts quite awhile.

I’d be more than happy to blog about nutrition, but this blog is about living your best possible life.  On that note, here’s a fascinating fact that I heard last week: Until 2010, the number one buyer of kale was … Pizza Hut … who bought huge amounts of kale for their salad bar … to use as decoration only.  (See the dark green all over the salad bar picture, that’s kale!)  Arguably the most nutritious thing in the entire salad bar, and today’s biggest superfood rock star, was nothing more than decoration.

Rock stars are everywhere.   Never judge someone just because you have seen them in one context, or doing one thing, regardless of if they do it well or not.  We as humans are such complex beings.  Maybe one aspect of our lives lets us be great at one thing, like decorating a salad bar, but as soon as someone looks inside of us it is evident that we are much, much more, like the number one superfood of the decade.  Find the rock star in everyone you know, including yourself, and watch your world change.