I Need Your Help

Thank you to everyone who has given so many kind words about this blog over the last month. It has been a joy hearing so much feedback, as well as discovering for myself what a powerful writer I can be. I have also made a decision that I will be writing a book this year (the topic will be a future post!) and I am extremely excited about that.

Right now I’m going to be vulnerable and ask for your help. I made a declaration that I would have a certain number of followers by the end of April. I had no idea how it was going to happen, I just said I was going to do it and trusted that it would happen. I’m currently halfway to my goal. If you have been enjoying my writing, please share your favorite post from here with friends and family, and ask them to follow me. (And same goes for you if you’re just reading through Facebook or web search, please follow!)

The technical details are very easy, from any post in the bottom right you can click “follow,” enter an email address, then confirm the email when it comes. You’ll get one email for each daily post and no more, and it can be “unfollowed” at any time with one click. No spam will come as a result, no ads to buy discounted Viagra no matter how good the price is, just one email from me for each post.

My promise to you is that I will continue writing almost every weekday, free of charge. Please, help me :).


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